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Distribution & Delivery

Why choose us?

Whether your event has been recorded by us or another partner, or you have an archive of long and short-form content collecting ‘dust’, we offer a global streaming service to help put your live event stream on the map and reach the eyes of your audience.

Our end-to-end management and delivery focuses on quality control and multi-platform streaming, offering the ultimate viewer experience live and on demand.

Multi-Platform Streaming

Live, hybrid, or virtual events are streamed through the On Air website, mobile, and TV apps and delivered in up to 4K UHD with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to transport viewers into the heart of the action.

Our supported browsers and devices include:

You can find more information about the supported platforms here.

Multi Platform streaming

Support & Content Protection 

The distribution and delivery team also cover:

  • Scalable infrastructure to accommodate global events, both short-form and long-form

  • Digital customer experience, including a dedicated helpdesk to support viewers with queries and technical difficulties

  • DRM protection to prevent unlawful re-distribution of content – no leaks here!

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Contact Us

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Our Services

Our expert team offers everything from pre-production to post-production, including on-site management, product distribution and delivery, marketing, and PR, to ensure you experience the smoothest streaming journey possible.

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