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What is Dolby?

Dolby is one of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry. Founded by Ray Dolby in 1965, it is a company that specialises in developing and licensing high-end audio and video technologies.

Does On Air stream in Dolby?

Yes! We work closely with Dolby on all On Air produced events and our live concert streams are available in the highest quality possible, providing the ultimate cinematic experience to fans.

Dolby formats can't be streamed by just anyone… Our highly skilled team of experts is Dolby certified, and our service is technologically capable of bringing you the immersive experience of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

What is Dolby Atmos?

"Dolby Atmos is a sound experience you can feel all around you"

Dolby Atmos automatically adapts to your sound system to give you a spatial audio experience you would not expect. Treating audio elements as individual objects that can be precisely placed and moved in a three-dimensional space, Dolby Atmos delivers an unparalleled realistic and immersive experience.

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What is Dolby Vision?

“With ultravivid colours, sharper contrasts, and richer details, Dolby Vision gives you spellbinding picture quality” 

Dolby Vision brings our live shows to life with darker darks, brighter brights, and a remarkable colour range you can’t get anywhere else.

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