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Why Choose Us?

Audiences are extremely fragmented, spending their viewing time across different entertainment platforms. This makes it difficult for brands to reach their target audience. We’re here to break through the noise, helping brands engage with fans, capture new consumers and build trust through the power of music.  

We partner with the hottest artists who are impacting culture and driving trends and offer brands the opportunity to tap into their world-leading shows. Our mission is to help brands authentically connect with their global fanbases, where we create targeted campaigns that unlock value and drive brand awareness.  

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Bespoke Partnerships

It’s no secret that live music can evoke emotion and passion like no other – its beauty lies in its universal appeal and the special memories that are created. We strive to create and strengthen the connection between artists, brands, and fans. 

We’ve built a deep understanding of all the elements that ensure brands and artists can successfully collaborate to create long-lasting, winning partnerships. The best campaigns are mutually beneficial and align objectives and values. We offer brands a unique and exciting way to access diverse music fans and grow their marketing presence and relevance.  

We can deliver a range of bespoke partnership packages, including marketing and PR campaigns, exclusive show-related content, discounted shows, and creative brand placement across social media. 

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Brand Focused Approach

We believe authenticity is key when brands and artists collaborate, and we understand that successful partnerships aren't just transactional agreements. We find the best way to partner to add value so both parties can achieve joint success. Our role is to deliver tailored solutions to drive campaign awareness, engagement, brand loyalty, and conversion to ensure you’re reaching your customers. 

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