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LudoWic ‘LINESCAPES’ - Documentary

Dutch artist and musician LudoWic releases his ‘LINESCAPES’ documentary in collaboration with Dolby. Available now in cinematic quality

Premiered during ADE 2023, On Air is excited to offer LudoWic LINESCAPES as an exclusive cinematic documentary. Following his journey to create a next-level live experience using Dolby Atmos, the documentary combines a live performance recorded at STMPD studios with his exploration of the (im)possibilities of spatial audio.

Renowned for his use of analog equipment and synths, contrasting sleek and straight/angular elements with organic and chaotic elements, in September 2023 he released the album ‘LINESCAPES’. Here, different worlds of sound are superimposed on one another to explore what new world emerges.

The documentary can be streamed on demand with unlimited replays through the On Air website, mobile and TV apps until 19 October 2025.

Enter a new realm of sound and creativity in unrivalled quality - stream the LINESCAPES documentary today!

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Quote from the artist


"STMPD studios and Dolby asked me a while ago to perform my new album, Linescapes, live in the Dolby Atmos STMPD Studios. This gave me the unique opportunity to present my music to an audience in a new and creative way. This was a great challenge for me, both artistically and technically, and has been beautifully captured in a document by Edwin Vermeulen and On Air.

In Dolby Atmos, you don't just listen to sound, you actually feel it around you. This brought me a whole new way of thinking about sound and its placement. I had to learn a new musical language during this process."

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Who is LudoWic?

Thijs Lodewijk, born in Venlo and raised in Dongen, operates in the transitional area between music and visual arts. Fascinated with both drawing and music from a young age, he attended the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam.

How many albums has LudoWic released?

Since 2014 Lodewijk has released 4 albums under the name of LudoWic; 'A Blinding Light Moment' (2015), 'Elka Village' (2017), 'LudoWic Jams' (2019) and 'LINESCAPES' (2023).

What is Linescapes?

In 2021, Lodewijk has his first exhibition, Linescapes. Here he shows his installations, sound works and drawings. They all tell Lodewijk's story about the investigation into the tension between chaos and order unambiguously.

What is featured in the LudoWic documentary?

The LINESCAPES documentary follows LudoWic on his journey to create a next-level live experience using Dolby Atmos. Together with technical experts, LudoWic explores the (im)possibilities of this spatial audio format. 

Your front row seat awaits...

An exploration into the live possibilities that spatial audio presents, LudoWic's 'LINESCAPES' documentary is available to stream now.

For your peace of mind, should you encounter any problems watching the show, you can contact our dedicated support team who will be able to assist you.