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About the live stream

Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits Arena Tour' live concert stream

Throw your K’s up for Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits Arena* Tour'

Kurupt FM aka People Just Do Nothing, are MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Steves, Decoy and Chabuddy G. The group are two-time BAFTA award-winners and international heroes.

In 2022 the garage crew played tour dates at venues up and down the UK. Packed with lyrical sorcery, ad-libbing and banter throughout, On Air joined the ravers at the second of two sold out Kurupt FM live shows at Printworks London

Recorded in front of 3,000 people, and filled with huge anthems like 'Your Mum Loves Garage', 'Summertime', and 'Kuruptfminnit', the full 90 minute show of pure kuruption can be watched now on demand on the On Air website, our mobile app and our TV app.

A cinematic live stream of the highest quality, the show is available to watch in 4K UHD with mesmerising Dolby Vision pictures and Dolby Atmos sound. Premium viewing plus an immersive audio experience you won’t forget.

UK garage fans this one's for you - relive Kurupt FM's ‘The Greatest Hits Arena* Tour' now!

* not technically an arena tour.

square artwork for the Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits Arena Tour' livestream show featuring the 5 members of Kurupt FM with their Ks in the air

Quote from the band

MC Grindah, Kurupt FM

“Greatest Hits arena tour was a movie bigup evry1 who came down. if you cudnt make it for woteva reason and ur fuming at urself (or that Storm Eunice) then u still hav a way of watching our final live show at Printworks via this livestream thing”

Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits Arena Tour' live concert stream playlist

Wondering what tracks to expect on the live concert stream? We've curated the perfect playlist from the official set list of the Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits Arena Tour' show.

About the band

Kurupt FM

With 15 years of pirate radio station history under the waistband of their trackies, the internationally celebrated Brentford garage crew Kurupt FM have won BAFTA awards for their BBC comedy series twice. They’ve toured and performed at festivals around Europe and most recently released their first feature film People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan.

While they did rack up millions of views, thousands of dedicated Instagram fan accounts and a viral dance craze, their experience of success in Japan was bittersweet: the compromise required of them drove a cataclysmic wedge between MC Grindah and the rest of the crew. In the aftermath of that dark period, known as the Bang Boys era, Kurupt FM returned to London late in 2019 (sans Steves, who remained in Japan as an illegal alien) where they went back to their day jobs - Grindah in Her Majesty’s Postal Service and Beats at Megabowl - disillusioned by the music industry that they once aspired to be part of.

However, with royalties coming in from Japan, long-time manager Chabuddy G soon discovered that - with the help of a bit of cash - the self-proclaimed legends were the UK scene’s prodigal sons, welcomed and embraced by the countries top talent. Once Grindah heard about some of the names that were lining up to work with Kurupt, it took little persuasion for him to get back into another label boardroom - this time at Polydor, who were surprisingly accepting of the crew’s list of demands: no dance studios, no hair straighteners and no leotards. Seizing control of their own music careers, Kurupt FM set to work on the album that Grindah has always wanted to make: The Greatest Hits (Part 1).

Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits (Part 1)' was release on 20 August 2020. Kurupt FM live shows have taken place all over the globe, alongside appearances at festivals such as Reading and Leeds, Bestival, Creamfields, Outlook, NASS, Boomtown, Kendal Calling and The Warehouse Project.

Kurupt FM stand in front of an On Air neon sign ahead of the live concert stream from Printworks London

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On Air will plant one tree for every ticket purchased from their website for the Kurupt FM 'The Greatest Hits Arena Tour’ show.

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