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Kurupt FM

About Kurupt FM

Created by Allan Mustafa and Hugo Chegwin – with help from Steve Stamp and Asim Chaudry – Kurupt FM is a fictional UK garage collective and pirate radio station tied to the BBC sitcom People Just Do Nothing. The mockumentary series first aired in 2012 and became a “one, two, three, four, five” part series.

Emerging from Brentford, West London, the spoof collective (consisting of MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Steves, Decoy, and Chabuddy G) released their first single ‘Heart Monitor Riddim’ in 2016. The release of series four in 2017 coincided with their mixed album ‘Kurupt FM Present The Lost Tape’, including Kurupt FM originals: ‘It’s a Kuruption Ting’, ‘Suttin Like That’, and ‘Get Out the Way’. The track list also features the crew MCing over grime and UK garage material from Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, and Wookie. Kurupt FM performed a live set at the legendary Glastonbury Festival the same year.

The fifth and final People Just Do Nothing series documented the crew filming a music video for ‘Heart Monitor Rhythm’. It wasn’t until 2021 that all five members returned with a debut on the big screen for People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan. Post-movie, Kurupt FM released their first original material album, ‘Greatest Hits, Vol.1’, and their single ‘Summertime’ featuring Craig David.

Kurupt FM stand in front of an On Air neon sign ahead of the live concert stream from Printworks London

What character does each actor play for Kurupt FM?

The actor’s roles are Allan Mustafa as MC Grindah, Hugo Chegwin as DJ Beats, Steve Stamp as Steves, Daniel Woolford as Decoy, and Asim Chaudry as Chabuddy G.

What inspired the Kurupt FM series?

Mustafa and Chegwin have cited TV series such as Tower Block Dreams, The Office (UK), Ali G, and This Is Spinal Tap as inspiration for their creation of an over-confident bunch of MCs and DJs with a lack of talent and self-awareness.

How did the Kurupt FM collective meet?

Hugo Chegwin brought the foursome together, who knew Steve Stamp from childhood, met Asim Chaudhry at college, and Allan Mustafa through a mutual friend. The entire collective had experience DJing or MCing on pirate radio in their youth and initially had no real ambition to be actors.

Was Kurupt FM an actual radio station?

In the late 2000s, Chegwin and Stamp had a ‘fake garage crew’ called Blazin’ Unit on a real pirate radio station called KuruptFM. They later created five improvised webisodes – following a similar narrative – on YouTube before being picked up as a TV series by BBC Three.

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