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About 10cc

10cc rose to stardom during the eccentric, art-rocker whirl of the 70s, breaking through the noise with their oddball, pop prankster, and studio perfectionist personas. Capable of tapping into and satirising all manners of popular music styles, the collective often played for their amusement while steering their quirks toward the charts. Soon enough, 10cc had recorded twelve singles - including oldies pastiche Donna’ (1973) and soft rock classic 'The Things We Do For Love’ (1976) - that reached the UK Top 40. Their chart-toppers were ‘Rubber Bullets’ (1973), ‘I'm Not in Love’ (1975) and ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ (1978).

Original members Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme - who met in the early Manchester music scene - signed with Jonathan King's label UK Records in 1972, piecing together and launching legendary albums 'Sheet Music' in 1974 and 'The Original Soundtrack' in 1975.

Shortly after the release of their album 'How Dare You!' in 1976, Godley and Creme left the band to focus on video production and develop the Gizmo (a guitar modification device). In the wake of their departure, Gouldman and Stewart continued alone and recorded successful albums 'Deceptive Bends' in 1977 and 'Bloody Tourists' in 1978. Following a whirlwind couple of decades – the new addition and exit of supporting members Rick Fenn, Tony O'Malley, and Stuart Tosh, an original 10cc reunion with the release of '...Meanwhile', as well as embarking on their own solo music endeavours – Stewart officially called it quits after 'Mirror Mirror' debuted in 1995.

Fast forward to the present, and Gouldman continues to perform various hits and solo highlights alongside Rick Fenn, Paul Burgess, Keith Hayman, and Iain Hornal as the latest 10cc members.

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Why is the band named 10cc?

The topic is up for dispute: founding member Lol Creme confirmed in an interview that 10cc stood for a large amount of male semen ejaculate (ten cubic centimetres, to be precise). On the B-side, Jonathan King (the band's producer at the time) states he first saw the name in a dream featuring a billboard that read ‘10cc The Best Band in the World’.

Who wrote 10cc’s long-running hits?

The original group co-wrote and recorded together, divided into two songwriting teams. Original band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman were mainly pop songwriters, creating most of the band's accessible songs. Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were the experimental half, focusing on art and cinematically inspired writing.

What did the original members do after 10cc?

Kevin Godley and Lol Creme continued as a partnership, recording their own hit records – Under Your Thumb, Cry and Wedding Bells - and becoming Grammy-winning video directors. Meanwhile, Eric Stewart collaborated on three Paul McCartney albums in the 1980s and continues to record sporadically as a solo artist. 

What is 10cc's biggest song?

The band's innovative single ‘I'm Not in Love’(1975) took their fame to another level, reaching No. 1 in the UK and No. 2in the United States. It also won three Ivor Novello Awards for Best Contemporary Song, Most Performed Work and International Hit of The Year.

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